Art of Impermanence

How does the context of art change its message? The meaning of a work is influenced by its setting, the person viewing it and how it is displayed…

At the Wheel

After mastering the art of Instagram to market her flourishing business, potter Jill Rosenwald is focusing on her creativity again.

You’re Invited

Gus & Ruby use classic letterpress techniques paired with artistic and modern sensibilities to create heirloom-quality invitations.

Works of Heart

How Liz Powers and her organization ArtLifting are transforming the lives of homeless and disabled artists one brush stroke at a time.

Art From Life

Artist Kate Schelter transforms the simple elements that surround her into vibrant paintings with deep resonance.

Master Class

There is something deeply meditative about watching Sergio Roffo put paint to canvas. Based in Scituate, Massachusetts, this master painter …