Notable New Englanders

Painting the Pinnacle

A nonagenarian artist looks back at an eventful and creative life on the tip of Cape Cod. By Lauren Wolk There have been many…

Way Jose

One of the most dynamic chefs in New England, Jose Duarte continues to reinvent his magic while staying true to his Peruvian roots.

Lager than Life

Few people are more emblematic of New England success than Jim Koch. The renegade founder of the Boston Beer Company, Koch has spent the last thirty-six years drawing inspiration from…

Rays of Hope

You see them everywhere online, in Instagram photos and FaceBook profile pics: shining yellow sunflowers set against a bright blue sky, each symbolizing the…

King’s English

KAYAK founder and philanthropist Paul English has a dream

An Accidental Echo

When the publication date for her third middle-grade novel, Echo Mountain, was announced as April 21, 2020, award-winning author Lauren Wolk began looking forward to the accompanying book tour.

State Of Mind

Neuroscientist Dr. Rudolph Tanzi discusses dramatic breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s research.

Daily Bread

When co-founder Jon Olinto and the rest of the One Mighty Mill team opened for business two years ago they never could have imagined a run on flour…

New England Living

Notable New Englanders: Marianne Leone

Marianne Leone has an opinion. And she’s not afraid to share it. Scroll through the Boston-born actor/writer/advocate’s website, and Facebook and Wikipedia pages, and…

The Pie’s the Limit

Selling or buying a house around the holidays can present its own set of problems, especially if you are committed to hosting a family celebration.

Room for What Matters

Inside the one-bedroom Back Bay apartment that TV personality, producer and entrepreneur Jenny Johnson shares with her husband, writer and editor Robert Cocuzzo, they’ve…

PilgrimWaters: One Tray at a Time

On a chilly, windy winter day, Keith Waters is in the garage of his South Boston home. He’s finishing up a tray table base,…

The Fluid Forms of Rainer Lagemann

Metal sculptor Rainer Lagemann’s graceful human forms seem so alive that they’re sometimes mistaken for real people. “The last thing I want is for…

Closer Look: Laura Schiff Bean

When we saw Laura Schiff Bean‘s dramatic dress painting hanging above the mantel in a home we recently visited in Back Bay for Season…