New England Living TV: Season 2, Episode 5, Swampscott, Massachusetts

In Swampscott, Massachusetts, a mother-daughter team of interior designers create a house they’ve always dreamed of. “Over the years as we’ve been talking about different design elements we’d love to do, we would do in our own homes and all those come to fruition when you are building your own home,” says Dani, who helped her mother, Cathy, with her Swampscott house.

In Episode 5 of Season 2, Cathy and Dani give New England Living TV host Parker Kelley a full tour of the West Coast-inspired space. The kitchen is full of natural, warm tones and outside the white-painted deck is a showstopper. Upstairs they’ve established a quiet sanctuary. Cathy’s husband, Mark, has Parkinson’s disease, and because he’s up a lot in the middle of the night, they built two separate suites. Mark’s is a relaxing, handsome space, and just down the hall, Cathy’s is romantic with a fireplace and pale beige tones.

“It’s been rough, I won’t lie,” says Cathy of the diagnosis her husband received ten years ago, just a year after their wedding. “For such a strong force in my life and [someone who was] healthy for so long, it’s hard.” She adds that it has been so important for her to have a home with beauty around every corner.

Also in this episode, Parker stops by Shubie’s, a gourmet food and liquor store, and she meets chef Bill Brodsky, chief culinary officer at Boston Nightlife Ventures. Bill invites Parker to enjoy a meal at one of his establishments, Southern Kin in Somerville’s Assembly Row, and they discuss the Southern-inspired menu that has far more than barbecue. “This is really about soul food. This is about relaxing, sitting around table, enjoying the people you’re with and enjoying some really tasty, hearty food,” he says.

Bill loves his job because whenever he shares a good meal with loved ones, it reminds him “to slow down and appreciate the finer things.” With Bill in the kitchen, Parker, Cathy, Mark, Dani, and a house full of close family friends do just that at the elegant dinner party that evening.

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