What’s for Dinner

People are really tired of cooking every night,” says Jennifer Fremont-Smith. “Either they’ve been working at home all day or commuting back after a long day—there is a ton of stress on the ‘what’s for dinner’ problem.” To alleviate that stress, Fremont-Smith and few others launched WECO, a handcrafted, chef-prepared daily dinner service.

Founded in the early days of the pandemic, WECO differs from take-out and subscription meal kit delivery options in the quality of its ingredients. “We are obsessed with sourcing from small local and regionally owned and family run businesses,” says Fremont-Smith. Daily menu options are creative and sometimes adventurous, while reflecting what’s seasonally available. Comfort foods like lasagna are featured along with vegan options, and every day features a kid’s choice and dessert.

The beauty of WECO is that the program doesn’t require membership or a subscription, so you aren’t locked in. The service does a menu drop every Thursday at noon for the following week, you can sign up on the website to receive the weekly menu. And WECO operates on the honor system: customers are sent an email in the evening after the meal has been delivered with a bill for ingredients. ”WECO is about being part of a community,” says Fremont-Smith.

“We extend trust to our customers so they’ll trust us to provide the best quality meals.”

Photography by Brian Samuels
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