New England Living TV: Season 2, Episode 6, Southport, Maine

New England Living TV host Parker Kelley and the crew travel north to Maine’s rocky coast in Episode 6 of Season 2. “I have always been a fan of midcoast Maine, but this episode in Southport took me from like to love! The scenery is breathtaking and the people are as genuine as I’ve ever known,” says Parker.

Homeowners Rick and Pandora give Parker a tour of their oceanfront cottage built by Martin Moore of Coastal Designers. “In order to honor the history and design the home they wanted, their focus was to create a modern home using materials that would have been used 100 years ago,” says Parker.

Rick and Pandora have lived all over the country but found their way to Maine because of a bit of family history. In his vintage Ford truck, Rick takes Parker to Hendricks Head Light. The beacon has a red roof and is stationed at the edge of the shoreline. From the top of the light overlooking the dramatic northern landscape, it’s easy to understand the region’s magnetic pull.

Chef Kelly Patrick Farrin of Carriage House in Boothbay is the chef for the dinner party. After digging on the coast for clams, they cook a freshly harvested meal with steamers, roasted oysters, and seared bluefin tuna. “Being around the ocean, being on the coast, I think that’s what it’s all about,” says Farrin.

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