New England Living TV: Season 2, Episode 2, Marblehead, Massachusetts

For Episode 2 of Season 2, New England Living TV host Parker Kelley travels to Marblehead on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Here, she meets homeowners Joe and Misty, who have lovingly restored an 1830s Greek Revival to its former glory.

“Joe and Misty searched for two years before coming across the historic home and it was love at first sight,” says Parker Kelley. “The home was and continues to be a source for creative inspiration.”

This house has a love story. In the early 1800s, a wealthy local merchant, John Hooper, went to pay his debts to a family in town. He discovered the only living relative to be a young woman, Lidia. Hooper not only paid Lidia’s debts, but he fell in love with her and they married. “John and Lidia decided to build a home that would perhaps rival the other mansions in town, but also offer the space to allow them to have parties,” says Joe. “It’s a fun story. We’ll have to write our chapter in the book at some point.”

Joe and Misty seem to be well on their way to writing their own chapter. When they purchased the home, it had been divided into five separate apartments. However, Joe and Misty saw the home’s potential. Working with Chris Sweeney of Coastline Construction, they restored the home one room at a time. “I feel we are kind of caretakers of this home because it is apart of American history and I feel really blessed that we were fortunate enough to buy the home and renovate it and make it a wonderful place for our kids to grow up,” says Misty. “We don’t want everything to be perfect, it’s lived in.”

After the home tour, Misty takes Parker to her favorite spots in downtown, including Flores Mantilla Flowers and Seaside Allure. The couple, who met in Los Angeles, has lived in many places, but feel very much at home in New England. “We know all of our neighbors and everyone looks out for each other,” says Misty. “It’s a small town but it’s big enough you don’t feel like it’s too small.”

Chef Craig Hawley of Nor’easter Expeditions creates a bright and fresh summer meal. He also happens to be a boat captain, pilot, and master entertainer, so he takes the group out for a summer sail. The next evening Joe, Misty, Parker and Craig fulfill the home’s original legacy by throwing a big bash—Great Gatsby style.

“The Marblehead episode is all about the story,” says Parker Kelley. “It’s about bringing a historic home back to its original grandeur. The chef, homeowners, and all of their friends are all about living in the now and celebrating and we certainly do it in style in this episode!”

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