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The Yates Team, based out of Weston, has a philosophy. It’s that if they take care of clients, success takes care of itself. This degree of attention is concierge-level, explains the team, and one that’s achieved by creating a comprehensive network to cover all of the real estate needs of their customers, as well as a thoughtful marketing approach for the catalog of properties the Yates Team represents. Paige Yates, agent and CEO of the team, has been a Premier Associate of Coldwell Banker and lends her experience and vast knowledge of the business and area to the group. She has been consistently cited as a top producer in the Boston and MetroWest area for more than 30 years, with sales exceeding $900 Million.

Taylor Yates, an agent and COO, and also Paige’s son, joined the team about five years ago and brings a balanced and fresh perspective to day-to-day operations. Taylor facilitates all production and marketing for the team and ensures their messaging and impact exceed clients’ expectations. Along with two other agents, the Yates team blankets the territory spanning from downtown Boston through the Metro West suburbs. For Paige, experience is key to success but also fundamental to pass on to others. “It’s really important to learn by experience in this business,” explains Paige, who says that being in the trenches is fundamental to understanding the subtleties of real estate.

Paige says that the last two years have been difficult for buyers due to lower inventory as compared to previous years. For example, in 2020 in Weston, there were 180 closed sales, and in 2022 there were 130 closed sales. Due to COVID, there was a shift to the suburbs, and many people have been able to work from home. This extra demand has “posed a challenge for all prospective homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers who are currently looking at market gridlock and waiting for interest rates to change.”

Taylor says that the best thing a homebuyer can do is prepare themselves ahead of time for the process. “I like to be transparent with people and to be upfront about what it is to do to get a home in this market.” This means starting with a mortgage broker and financial advisor and really understanding the financials. “Then we look at your life situation and figure out where you can look to afford. It’s much easier to have that conversation up front.”

The Yates Team says that they work with clients to place them in their ideal location, but if affordability is a concern, they also encourage clients to consider properties that might be a town or two away. Taylor says this strategy is successful in helping clients find a home that is “similar but hasn’t gotten priced up. You can find a great place that works for your family if you are looking in the right place.”

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