Scene Setting

Let the sunshine in with Marvin’s Scenic Doors.
Featured Image by Jim Kruger at Landmark Design

“In recent years, there has been a resurgence of people wanting to bring the outdoors in,“ says Jim Faro, Architectural Project Manager with Marvin. “The concept of biophilic design is not new, but we’ve been seeing more and more architects and homeowners embracing ways to connect with nature from a built environment.”

Structured to provide optimum views, the Scenic Door collection from Marvin comes in various styles and configurations to suit every home design and give the homeowner a way to interact visually and experientially with the natural world outside. “You want to bring light and air into the home, as well as enjoy the vistas,” says Faro.  “Something that really calls us into nature is the essence of visual design.”

Photo by Kalman and Pabst

Faro notes that Marvin is bringing more of a modern design into their Scenic Doors, with multi-slides, and in their new Bi-Fold door. “When they first started coming out, they were a lot more traditional looking,” says Faro. “But in the last few years, the style of these larger doors have trended a bit more transitional to contemporary.”

From Marvin’s perspective, a Scenic Door has an oversized opening with at least four panels and with a width greater than 15 feet.  “They can get taller too, says Faro, “Some of our modern doors will go up to 12 feet tall, which is a terrific option for homeowners looking for height.”

As an Architectural Project Manager, Faro will confer on unique and challenging projects. He says that while Marvin is an established brand in New England, he strives to not only make homeowners aware of new products but also to supply them with solutions. “Sometimes just having that extra help from the solution specialist makes all the difference in a project.”

Photo by Jim Kruger at Landmark Design

As with everything that Marvin does, says Faro, there is a lot of thought and purpose into the planning and the product development of Scenic Doors. “In addition to a focus on usability and user experience, there is also importance placed on engineering and materials,” he says. “So when an architect, builder, or homeowner is considering Scenic Doors for their project, they know that Marvin’s materials and craftsmanship are second to none.”

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