Escape to the Bath

The professionals at Kitchen & Bath Galleries can help you turn the most functional room in the home into a personal retreat.
By Jennifer Sperry

The pandemic taught us all a valuable lesson: that the place we call home is a sanctuary, a refuge from the outside world. It’s where we go to recharge and connect with what matters most. This intimate re-acquaintance with our interior spaces spearheaded a wave of new themes influencing home design. We’ll reveal some shortly, but here’s the most important one (spoiler alert): Build spaces that delight you.

Unsure of your style direction? The best way to discern your personal leanings is to step inside one of Supply New England’s Kitchen & Bath Galleries. Each showroom (nine are sprinkled throughout Southern New England, including a newly remodeled 7,000-square-foot space in Warwick, Rhode Island) invites the homeowner with professionally styled vignettes showcasing trending materials and fixtures from top brands in decorative plumbing, cabinets, countertops, and tile.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to selections; with so many options, designing a bathroom can feel overwhelming,” says Sabrina DaLomba, Director of Showrooms for Supply New England. “If you have an aesthetic in mind but don’t know how to achieve it, our experienced consultants are there to walk you through the process and make it less overwhelming.”

Recently, we sat down with DaLomba to discover what’s hot in bathrooms right now. Here are four emerging design themes to spark your imagination.

Be Bold

For years, it was ingrained into homeowners’ minds: Don’t go wild with color and pattern; consider resale and keep things, especially more extensive investment selections, neutral. This concept of designing for the future, notes DaLomba, is evaporating as homeowners are using their budgets instead to revel in their own tastes.

“The biggest trend I’m seeing by far is experimentation,” says DaLomba. “Homeowners are doing what they like rather than worrying about a fictional buyer ten years down the road. They are saying yes to statement sinks and soaking tubs. They are lining walls with eye-catching tile or wallpaper, playing with textures by using natural stone and wood accents. They are reflecting their personal style.”

Color is not a required outcome of this shift, but it is a refreshing one, with brighter hues popping up on walls, vanities, and fixtures. “People are a little tired of the all-white or white-and-gray look,” observes DaLomba. Kohler, which has been bringing color into kitchens and bathrooms for decades, recently brought back two popular shades from its Heritage archives, Peachblow and Spring Green, in honor of its 150th anniversary. Limited-edition sinks, toilets, and clawfoot tubs in these two vintage hues will be available come fall and are an excellent opportunity to add some personality to a bathroom layout.

Another creative choice is Kohler’s Artist Editions sinks. From botanical prints to textured glass, each sink is a functional piece of art.

Boho Chic

As the home industry slowly shifts away from farmhouse design, boho is emerging as the next big look. “To obtain that refined, natural vibe, we’re using a lot of grainier woods like oak and walnut and a lot of organic textures like macramé and rattan,” observes DaLomba. Other ways to achieve a bohemian feel are with natural stone sinks, such as limestone or marble, and softer whites.

“White is always going to be popular, but homeowners are starting to opt for a softer approach with creamier whites,” adds the kitchen and bath veteran. “A linen white, for example, pairs well with the gold metal tones that are trending right now.”

This kind of more organic vibe pairs well with biolithic design (using natural elements to promote health.) Think: hanging plants, sisal rugs, neutral tones, and earthy finishes, all giving your bathroom a balanced harmony with nature.

Sensory Perception

When you retreat to your bath for relaxation and rejuvenation, why not up the ante with your favorite music, scents, and colors? “We can outfit showers with music and specialized lighting for chromotherapy,” says DaLomba. Homeowners can generate a spa experience with an assortment of wellness features, including steam showers, soaking tubs, and towel warmers, as well as the forthcoming Kohler Stillness Infinity freestanding bath, which melds water, light, fog, and aromas to deliver an incredible immersive journey of the senses.

Make Some Space

There are a variety of creative ways to maximize the overall area in a bathroom. Wall-mounted vanities “give the illusion of more space, and you can more easily clean underneath,” says DaLomba, adding that toilets can also be wall-mounted. Recessing the tank into the wall cuts down on the toilet’s depth. If space is at a premium, another trend is combining a shower and freestanding tub in a unified tiled “wet room.”

“Not everyone has a sprawling primary bathroom,” says DaLomba. “New England’s historic homes tend to have a lot of small bathrooms, and putting effort into freeing up space to avoid visual clutter makes any space feel calmer. Our goal is always to help you find what makes you happy and brings you joy.”

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