Skating Along

Even though Boston broke weather records with historic high temperatures this past weekend, winter is far from over. So there is still plenty of time to lace up your ice skates and head over to Snowport,  the Seaport’s winter wonderland.

Opened in partnership with Fjällräven and Capital One Café, Snowport features a 3,000 square foot ice skating rink and dozens of winter activities for adults and kids, such as curling lessons , ‘IceFlow’ yoga-inspired classes, an 80s themed Aprés Ski evening on January 23, and an all day Mardi Gras party on February 25, complete with authentic King’s cake and artisan-made sustainable beads.

With plenty of refreshment choices, including freshly baked waffles by The Waffle Cabin, Snowport is ready to delight your senses and give you plenty of sustenance for your ice escapades.

Open through the end of February, Snowport is located at  65 Northern Avenue. You can find out more information at


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