Living Art by MistyB

Text by Marina Davalos | Photograph by Kim Furnald

Enthusiastic, creative, and fun loving, Misty Wykes says we can all be what we want to be. This is what she hopes to convey with her clothing line, MistyB.

Wykes studied interior design at KLC School of Design in London, England, but she’s self-taught in painting and loves experimenting with color. “I have a million different paints in my basement studio,” says Wykes. She knew she wanted to make clothes, but she didn’t know it would be leggings. “I originally wanted to make elegant flowing sundresses,” says Wykes. “But one year my husband was on a business trip in Greece, and he saw a woman wearing leggings with artwork on them. “I loved the idea,” she says. “My paintings on leggings!”

Wykes had a few pairs made with her designs, and tried her hand at selling them at the beachy clothing boutique, Seaside Allure, during the Art Walk Marblehead in 2016. All of her leggings sold. “I thought, ‘I might have something here!’” she says.

No matter what colors she uses, her paintings are stylized images of reflections on water. She mixes brights with bolds, bolds with pastels. Her best-selling leggings are Pink Flamingo, Maui Blue and Dark & Stormy. “It makes me so happy to see women wearing my designs,” says Wykes. “It’s like living art.”

Wykes says she has new designs in the works and plans on making bikinis, tank tops and hats with her logo. “My logo says ‘B the boss. B the best. B beautiful. B brilliant.’ It’s all about empowering women. We can all be what we want to be,” she says.

Misty was featured in Episode 2 of New England Living TV’s Season 2.

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