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By Kellie Innes
Cheryl Zarella serves home buyers and sellers from Massachusetts to New Hampshire

Cheryl Zarella has developed her real estate expertise over 17 years with Coldwell Banker, seamlessly blending her professional acumen with her love for New England. When she relocated to Bedford, New Hampshire in 2004, Cheryl not only helped her young family settle into their new community but also found that her background in marketing and sales perfectly prepared her for a thriving career in real estate.

“I felt like there was a real need in my community for this service and I was ready to take on a new career,” Zarella said.

She now covers four real estate markets across New Hampshire and Massachusetts, expanding beyond Bedford to the Sea Coast, the Lakes region, and down to the Boston market. While managing these regions keeps Zarella busy, she’s more than happy to help out her clients.
“These are the markets that the buyers and sellers want to be in and they want me to service them,” she said. “I naturally gravitated towards those areas and found great joy in doing so.”

It’s helpful that Zarella finds each area to be unique, yet equally appealing. Bedford and the Southern New Hampshire region boast great schools alongside a rural, picturesque, and charming New England quality. The Sea Coast has a bit of everything with its ports, historic villages, and downtown shopping. In the Lakes, there’s year-round fun with watersports for warm weather and mountains for skiing in the winter. And then Boston speaks for itself with its classic city life.

“Each area offers some really nice opportunities to enjoy everything at your fingertips,” Zarella shares. “I live, work, and play in those areas, as well, so it makes it easy to market to my clients.”

The marketing aspect of real estate is certainly what makes Zarella stand out in her field. She begins with a consultation to discuss needs, expectations, and the nuances of the current market. Then, she steps into marketing mode, using common tactics such as staging and open houses, but also elevating her approach to include brochures, postcards, social media marketing, YouTube ads, and luxury platforms.

“It’s all about gauging the sellers’ needs and figuring out the best way to get the results that they’re looking for,” she said. “I work with them to ensure that they’re getting seen in every avenue possible.”

Another selling point for Zarella’s properties is that she works primarily with new constructions in each region. She represents Graystone Builders Inc. in all of their developments throughout New Hampshire, including a new listing located at 7 Sundance Lane in Bow. Sitting on 2.5 acres of property with 7 bedrooms, an expansive kitchen, and plenty of natural light, this $1.5 million property is the perfect blend of elegance and coziness.

One of Zarella's recent listings, located in Bow, New Hampshire, offers seven bedrooms and plenty of natural light.
One of Zarella’s recent listings, located in Bow, New Hampshire, offers seven bedrooms and plenty of natural light.

“This unique Adirondack-style home has all of the comforts of today’s modern amenities,” Zarella shared.

Zarella’s favorite part of her career, though, is that she doesn’t have to do it all alone. While she is the face of Cheryl Zarella & Associates, she has a trusted partner and a team behind her that steps in to help with paperwork, timelines, and financing. This ensures that she can do what she loves while also allowing time to be with the people she loves.

“Real estate is a career for which I don’t have to sacrifice family time,” she says. “Real estate follows you everywhere, so it’s just how are you going to fit that into your life so you have the best of both worlds.”

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