My husband AJ and I tasted arrosticini for the first time while traveling through Abruzzo, Italy. Cubes of meat layered perfectly with thin layers of fat make this grilled appetizer irresistible—even the kids say so! These freeze well and a traditional Cubo makes the slicing a breeze.

Servings: 12
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


6 pounds deboned leg of lamb, grass fed
100 bamboo skewers
kosher salt


1. Use a filet knife to separate the meat from the fat.
2. If making the kebobs by hand, cut ¾-inch cubes of meat and alternate on the skewer with a thin slice of fat. The fat will render off on the grill and leave the meat loaded with rich flavor.
3. Over a hot grill, cook the kebobs for 3 minutes on each side, seasoning generously with kosher salt.
4. If you are not cooking on a traditional arrosticini grill which is especially narrow, protect the bamboo skewers with a piece of foil to keep from burning. Serve immediately.

Recipe by Anna Rossi | Photographs by Derrick Zellman
From “The Art of Gathering Year-Round
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