The Perfect Pitch

By Kellie Innes
Sales background helps realtor Jeff Groper match clients with Boston-area homes

Jeff Groper jumped into the real estate business with both feet. After an early career as manager of an alcoholic beverage company, Groper made the switch to real estate because of his love for interacting with people. Now, with 33 years of experience, he wakes up every day excited to help clients find their dream homes. “I always was attracted to sales,” he shares. “And houses are a product that everybody needs, which is great.”

Focusing primarily on Newton, Needham, Brookline, Boston, and the surrounding areas, Groper credits some of his success to the appeal of the city itself. Groper witnesses firsthand the wide range of people that move to the city from all over the country and world, drawn by excellent primary and secondary education systems and the potential for growth in business opportunities. “I’m very fortunate to be in this marketplace,” he says. “Boston is one of the top cities in the country as far as desirability to move here, build a family, and thrive.”

Community and connection are important aspects of Groper’s approach to real estate. Not only was he born and raised in Newton, giving him a familiarity with the area he markets, but he’s also created a family of sorts within the professional real estate world. Groper prides himself on his contacts, who give him access to various amenities and advantages, such as full-service contractors and insight into off-market properties.

This new property at 279 Fuller Street in Newton will feature seven beds, eight baths, and an elevator.

Additionally, he started the Jeff Groper Group 8 years ago, a team of 10 people that help him to cover more areas, provide top professional guidance, and ensure smooth transitions for his clients throughout the entire process. “We always treat our customers with respect, professionalism, and like they’re family,” Groper says. “There is a lot of satisfaction in helping people find their dream home.”

This approach gave Groper an advantage during the tumultuous past few years. During the pandemic itself, he pivoted with ease to virtual showings, even managing to sell multiple houses over FaceTime. Even now, when the market is generally experiencing an inventory shortage, Groper still excels. “We always have inventory in the pipeline that’s off-market, which helps us, so we don’t feel the squeeze,” he shares.

Another new build in Newton, this 9,000-square-foot home will be located at 1337 Commonwealth Avenue.

Part of this portfolio are two upcoming properties that Groper is very excited about. One is an estate home at 279 Fuller Street in Newton, including an array of amenities such as seven beds, eight baths, and an elevator. While that one sits on an acre of land, the other property is nestled on 1337 Commonwealth Avenue, but still includes seven beds in its 9,000-square-foot space. Both are new developments, a personal favorite of Groper’s to work with. “I love seeing the houses come from the ground up,” he says. “I have more coming onto the market, but these two are really exciting.”

At the end of the day, while Groper might be firmly entrenched in the world of houses and properties, he still relies on techniques he learned during his early years of sales: the strength of a pitch and the power of negotiation. Whether he’s representing a buyer or a seller, Groper works hard to negotiate a fair and successful deal. “I want to make sure my clients get everything they want,” he says. “I like to get the job done well and exceed their expectations.”

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