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CUMAR Marble and Granite, located in Everett, Massachusetts, offers an inventory of stones unlike any other in the area. With over 20,000 slabs under one roof, their selection is both exquisite and rare, sourced from countries all over the world.  Their marbles, granites, soapstones, quartzites, onyx, limestones, travertines and slates come in a wide variety of colors, textures and prices, and their exclusive Linea Couture offers extraordinarily unique, one-of-a-kind semi-precious stones.

Seventh generation stone-artist, Ivo Cubi, leads the stellar team at CUMAR Marble and Granite.  His incredible talent, passion for travel and his ability to find something beautiful and unique in every quarry is why CUMAR remains the go-to place for trade professionals and lovers of unique stones.

Staying on the cutting edge of the newest techniques and trends is another reason why design professionals turn to CUMAR.  Dawn Carroll, stone specialist, states, “As a stone designer, I am fortunate to work with award-winning, pioneer interior designers. The goal is to be prepared for tomorrow’s design needs, and I do my best to predict trends, studying every angle of fashion.”

The pressure to stay ahead of the curve can be challenging, as CUMAR’s specialists are working with gems that are close to 400 million years old! But their talented team is always on the lookout for the newest innovation.

In fact, they recently introduced to their ever-growing selection Antolini’s Azerocare—a revolutionary and unprecedented treatment for natural stone, which does not sacrifice or affect the stone’s color and characteristic. The Azerocare treatment is the first ever of its kind to offer protection from etching and staining caused by acid-based food elements, oil, fat and grease. A bacteriostatic treatment, Azerocare treats surfaces so they are a breeze to clean and only require water, neutral soap and a non-abrasive cloth—perfect for those who love the beauty of stone but hate cleaning and maintaining it. CUMAR is the only stone company in Massachusetts to carry this product.

“New and different textures are a wildly popular stone trend,” observes Carroll. “Custom-carved edges that include multi-layered lamination as well as the leather finish that gives stones a unique texture provide a palette for something new and different. Another trend is creating unusual pieces with fabulous colored stones. Something like the exquisite ‘Fusion Wow’ quartzite can become the stone Picasso of a room, and might be used in a special spot.

“Adding a piece of art to the island, a little jewelry to the powder room or a statement piece in a towering floor-to-ceiling fireplace” are also big trends right now,” Carroll continues.  “CUMAR is one of the first in the country to offer the unusual and we source one-of-a kind stones that truly belong in the MFA—one of my favorites is the turquoise and aquamarine quartzite that gives off a tranquil beach vibe. Perfect for a seaside home!”

CUMAR has so much to offer—something to fit every style and every price point, whether it be for inside or outside use. The best way to see what works for your design needs is to come for a visit!

CUMAR Marble and Granite is located at 69 Norman Street in Everett, MA, 02149. To book an appointment with Stone Specialist Dawn Carroll, call 617-389-7818 or email her at
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