Patterns of Life: Maine Textile Designer Erin Flett

“My design is my life and my life, my design,” says Erin Flett, a textile designer out of Westbrook, Maine. Flett’s vivacious perspective is carried through into her work where she draws, burns, prints and sews all of her home goods.

Seven years ago, following an urge to create, Flett taught herself how to silkscreen in her basement with the help of her husband. “I started a small line of pillows, which after two years found their way into O Magazine and the rest is history,” says Flett. Her work has expanded from trial series to a line of pillows, bags, glassware, candles, wall art, limited-edition paper products, rugs and wallpaper, all stamped with her brilliant and energetic hand-drawn designs.

Flett’s favorite pattern, GEORGE, is a wild collection of intertwining hollyhock flowers with an abstract edge. “It is named after my grandfather who planted hollyhocks in his garden and they were so giant and magical to me as a child,” explains Flett. “He was an amazing man who did everything by hand, which inspires me.”

Like GEORGE, all of Flett’s colorful, organic shapes derive from personal experiences and routine observations. “I am inspired by my daily life in Maine, my gardens and my love of found old things that tell their unique story,” says Flett. She’ll also undertake custom projects, so you, too, can bring a pattern of your own design into your home.


Erin Flett | 90 Bridge St., Suite 440 | Westbrook, ME |
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