Photo Essay: Off-Season on Martha’s Vineyard

Photographs by Tyler Hathaway

The Vineyard is a whole new world in the off season, according to Tyler Hathaway, a native islander and photographer, who lives in Edgartown. “It’s much calmer. The summer time views are cool and the beaches, but there’s something to about the calm cold months,” he says. ““It’s its own little world away from the world, leaving made me realize that more.”

Hathaway is also a stone mason and audio engineer who lived in Los Angeles for a time, but has made his way back to the Vineyard. “L.A. is definitely the polar opposite of this place, but I love the quietness and the community.”

Isolated as it can be, Hathaway says, “There are a lot of good people here.” There’s also lots to shoot. From the charm of downtown Edgartown, which is quiet under a coat of snow, to the western tip—or, up island, as they say—that stretches into farmland, Hathaway drove across the island capturing the winter in all its hushed natural beauty.

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