New on the Inside

While we have extolled the unique virtues of owning an historic home, there are definite advantages to moving into a newly constructed house, such as the magnificent property at 19 Fayette Street in Cambridge.

Text by Lisa Cavanaugh       
From the outside, this circa 1890 home remains aligned with the other historic houses in the neighborhood, but the inside has been completely transformed. “Nothing is left of the house but the facade,” says Coldwell Banker Realty broker Ed Feijo of the Gail Roberts Team. “Everything down to the foundation was gutted and rebuilt.”

The property is essentially two single attached units, as it was common in the late nineteenth century to double build on a lot to keep families together at one location, but still with two separate living spaces. “The units are more suited to be sold as single family homes, says Feijo, “and they both have thoughtfully designed transitional interiors to reflect contemporary living.”

Just completed a couple of months ago, each four bedroom, five bath home features the highest levels of craftsmanship and architectural integrity from the Cafasso Design Group. “I have worked with Martin Cafasso on countless luxury properties,” says Feijo, “and his talent is consistently impressive. He does an amazing job combining the traditional with the modern.”

Feijo suggests that some of the benefits of buying newly built or renovated homes include the ability to enjoy that kind of transitional aesthetic. “The joy of new construction is that you can dream up unconventional spaces for whatever you need in your life. There are uniquely designed flexible spaces within these units that can be used for creative space, work from home space, exercise or play.”

New construction also means that the latest tech advances can be utilized. “19 Fayette is wired for smart home technology,” he says, “and the media room, which has been sound-deadened already,  has the capacity to be set up as a home theatre experience, a musician’s studio or any other media-driven application.”

The technological advantages extend to the structural systems of the property. “Heating, cooling, every aspect of building has gone so tech crazy,” says Feijo, “so while an old house is charming, having energy efficient systems in place mean comfort and savings for the home owner.”

A new home owner will also be able to enjoy state-of-the-art construction materials, as well as the most timeless choices for finishes. “We’ve included modern materials and finishes that will stay stylish for decades,” says Feijo, who points out that an element like the unit’s floating staircase is engineered with steel for durability while also opening up the interior of the home. “The staircase supplies both light and space into what was once a traditionally designed interior.”

New homes also often are planned for outdoor living, and 19 Fayette has two roof decks per unit as well as dual back yard, divided by a “party wall” for privacy. “You can get more useable space, both inside and out, because of smart design, he says. “In this case we were able to craft a footprint that allowed for more  room for living.”

19 Fayette, with it’s Boston-adjacent location, top-of-the-line construction, historic facade and an interior designed for contemporary living truly combines the best aspects of New England living. “This property really offers space that works for the way people are using their homes today, says Feijo. “The home offers a high level of practical luxury.”

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