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For the Gordon Team at Coldwell Banker Realty—composed of Deborah Gordon, Abby Gordon, and Kami Gray—real estate is best defined as service. Having worked together for over a decade to sell a wide price range of homes and condominiums for the diverse communities of Newton, Brookline, and Chestnut Hill, the three of them are renowned for keeping in constant contact with their buyers and sellers. “We say ‘yes’ to everything, even little things that help make [the client’s] lives easier,” Deborah says. “We’re there from the beginning, the middle, and the end.”

Abigail Gordon. Deborah Gordon, and Kami Gray

One of the most important services that they offer their guidance on is the middle part of selling a house: home staging. While this aspect of selling a home often doesn’t get as much attention, it is arguably one of the most important pieces in the real estate puzzle. “It’s proven: a well-taken-care-of and spruced-up property will always get a better offer,” says Deborah.

What makes home staging so tricky, though, is that there is no general guide and it depends on a variety of factors, such as if the sellers actively live in the house or if there needs to be any construction. The Gordon Team relies on these three basic rules on how to best stage a house, no matter its personality.

Tip #1: Make Sure the Space is Organized

The most important tip for home staging, according to Deborah, is to make sure that everything in the house looks neat. Freshen up with some new paint, simple repairs, and even sprucing up the surrounding landscape. If that seems overwhelming, though, don’t worry: the act organization does not always require a large amount of effort, and a little can go a long way. “Some [recommendations] are as simple as what comforter is on the bed,” says Deborah. “When you don’t depersonalize a property, then people have a hard time placing themselves in somebody else’s belongings.”

Tip #2: Clean, Clean, Clean

While organization and cleanliness seem to go hand in hand, Abby recommends taking that extra step to make sure that your space doesn’t just look nice, but also smells and feels nice. This might seem like an obvious bit of effort, but make sure you pay attention to all the parts of your house, including the lesser-loved spaces like garages and utility rooms. “[Cleanliness] is usually a reflection of how people care for their house,” Abby says. “You want people’s senses to feel good.”

Tip #3: Tackle Two Tasks in One by Decluttering Now

For most people, if a house is on the market, it means that they’re about to move to a new property soon. For Kami, this points to her most important tip for home staging: decluttering. Not only will you have your house ready—and organized and clean—for home staging, but you’ll also get a head start on your new transition. “You might as well start [the move-out process] now and get rid of belongings that you don’t use,” Kami says. “It’ll also help buyers to see the space better.”


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