Holiday Hope

Fitness Trainer Derek DeCosta Shines Light on the Power of Positivity in his debut book The Moonlight King

By Stacey Marcus

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it.”

– Mark Twain

Ever meet someone so positive that you need to don powerful sun glasses to shield the rays of light radiating from their heart? Derek DeCosta is that guy, which is stunning given the past he details in his self-published book, The Moonlight King. The fitness trainer grew up in Korea in an idyllic nirvana until he was six years and his parents sent he and his older sister to America hoping to shelter them from the shame of their divorce. Instead of discovering a dream, the young boy found himself living a nightmare at the home of the family who adopted him and routinely subjected him to physical, mental, and sexual abuse until he esacped when he was 14.

He notes that the memories of his childhood in Korea and his connection to the moon (the inspiration for his book tile) helped him navigate tough times along with a belief that he was destined for something greater. When his best friend fell off a building and was paralyzed, it led him to reflect deeper into his mission in life.

It wasn’t until one of his students asked to him to write a blurb for his workout manual and video so she could sell it in Korea that DeCosta was ready to reunite with Yoon Sang Kyun (his birth name) and crystalize his mission in life which he says is to “unshackle prisoners of limited beliefs.”

The blurb transformed in a book after three-weeks of non-stop writing and crying. DeCosta, a voracious reader and light seeker, also credits his training in the military to helping him reprogram his way of thinking. “You become what you surround yourself with,” says DeCosta who looks for beacons of light in books, podcasts, mentors, and members of his ever-growing team of positive people he adds to his life everyday. “The purpose of life is not to get to the top of the ladder, but to enjoy the journey,” says DeCosta.

The fitness trainer believes in triad of wellness that includes spirit, mind, and body. He gave us four tips to navigate the holidays and beyond in optimum mental and physical health.

 Drink more clean water.

Drink a gallon or more a day. Your body is made of up to 85% water in all 50 trillion cells. Hydration is the key to health and fitness.

Eat natural raw veggies and fruit for phytonutrients.

They have the ingredients that you’re made from water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and Chi energy.

Get regular sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

Sunshine upgrades your DNA, Fresh air provides energy and healing

And exercise provides positive emotions to reward your positive motions

Most important, remember to laugh and love.

This literally creates the electromagnetic frequency to heal your body and mind

by engulfing each cell within a field of love vibration balancing our chakras or spiritual core, which vastly improves your physical and intellectual health. Remember, your heart tells your mind how to run your body. So speak kindly to yourself and others, for your beliefs create your body.

DeCosta believes that while you can’t pick your family that is part of your DNA, you can find teammates that add light to your life. He is constantly recruiting sisters and brothers to add another spoke to his wheel of hope. I was happy to be on the ride for our interview.

DeCosta’s book The Moonlight King is available on Amazon. Visit for more information on his book and to learn more about his wellness company.

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