Detail Oriented

A Metro West Real Estate Agent pays fastidious attention to every aspect of buying and selling homes.
By Christina Poletto

When it comes to homes in the Greater Boston area, real estate broker Felicia Captain knows a thing or two about the vital importance of minute details. In matters pertaining to buying, selling, and relocating, it’s usually the smallest of particulars that move transactions – and lives – along.

Her background in law has undoubtedly helped. Before becoming a real estate agent in 2011, Captain, a graduate of Simmons College and the Washington College of Law, had her own practice, specializing in criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. A stint living abroad with her family on three different continents in eight years changed her career trajectory. “I ran my own law practice in Lawrence from 1990-2002. Then my husband’s job transferred us to Chicago, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, then London,” says Captain. “When we returned in 2010, I decided to become a realtor. I had gained relocation experience, which I knew would allow me to guide future clients through that process.”

A member in good standing of the Massachusetts Bar, she now excels as a Global Luxury Property Specialist and Pricing Strategy Professional with Coldwell Banker Realty. Captain, a top agent affiliated with the Wellesley office, leverages the latest marketing tactics to bring attention to the properties she represents. Her personalized service and ability to usher clients through the complex transaction process have made her an International President’s Elite Award Winner, ranking her in the top 2 percent of agents internationally.

Captain grew up on the North Shore and currently resides in Weston. For her work, Captain primarily focuses on Boston’s Metro West area, from the city to Weston, Wellesley, Brookline, and Newton. The dedication, says Captain, goes beyond just selling property. She currently represents a portfolio of homes, both old and new, and is often referred to sellers who have properties or estates left to them by family members. These types of moments truly resonate, says Captain. “It’s about the people and the relationships. That, for me, is the most important part of this business.”

Captain continually tracks market activity so buyers are equipped with the latest knowledge as they explore their next home. “Presently, the market is once again shifting,” says Captain. “We are still seeing a lot of activity and multiple offers on properties that are priced correctly from $1 million to $3 million,” Captain says the higher-end market has slowed slightly, a change from just a few years ago when properties rarely lingered on the market.

Properties with history will always have an allure, but what’s most appealing to buyers right now are turn-key, low-maintenance homes, says Captain. “This is why new construction is very appealing to buyers at the moment.”

In general, we’re currently facing an inventory problem, says Captain, who looks to problem-solving in these moments. “I never presume a home will be easy to sell,” she says. “Every time the market shifts, you must think about how you will pivot.”

Indeed, she realizes the effort needed to keep her clients, and the properties she represents, in the spotlight. “You have to go above and beyond to secure and market the listing.”

To do this, Captain has embraced innovative marketing tactics to feature the properties in the best way possible and maximize their reach. “You really have to spend dollars to market a home properly,” she says”

Captain has assembled a team of photographers and videographers and engages the services of a video production company to capture the nuances of these beautiful homes for prospective buyers. Professional-level images, including drone shots of the properties and videos, display the houses in dynamic and descriptive ways.

She herself sometimes appears in the videos—often opening the door to the home to welcome the viewer—and posts the interactive tours on Instagram and other social media platforms to expose her listings. One recent video was created to promote one of Captain’s current Summer 2023 listings at 82 Sargent Road in Brookline, which is on the market for $9.7 million. She also hosted a broker’s tour of the home, with catered food and live music, to enhance the property’s visibility.

Captain has been privy to all types of property transactions and opportunities and is committed to her work serving the homeowners and buyers who love the area as much as she does. “Buying or selling a home, especially in a new location, can sometimes be scary and daunting,” she says. “ It’s beneficial to have a realtor that can relate to those transitions on a personal level.”

She has an expansive knowledge of the new construction market, and it is one of her areas of expertise. “I love seeing a project transform from plans on paper to being built,” says Captain.” I have a passion for design, having been exposed to various styles from my travels.”

Recently, she sold a distressed home in an exclusive neighborhood in Wellesley to a developer. “A hoarder resided there for many years. I am excited to see the transformation of the lot when the luxury home is built.”

Captain’s advice to buyers is to take the time to create a list of the criteria they seek in a home, including location. She carefully considers what buyers seek as they tour properties together and often reminds them of their dream checklist. “Sometimes they’re amazed by a property, but I need to remind them of the location and their criteria so they don’t have buyer’s remorse.” Through it all, this seasoned broker strives to make transactions as seamless as possible for her sellers and buyers.

This ability to simultaneously juggle an exorbitant number of small details is a testament to Captain’s experience. This is especially attractive for families moving to the area from out of town who need information about what to expect from different neighborhoods as they search for a new home that suits their criteria. “Because I have moved so many times, I understand the challenges and logistics it takes to move a family and find the right town,” she says. “I can personally relate to this.”

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