Test Driving GMC’s Denali Line


GMC’s Denali Line promises a thrilling ride in all New England driving conditions.

By Parker Kelley

For the past five years, GMC has been a sponsor for our lifestyle magazine and television show, New England Boating. For five summers, I have had the privilege of riding in a Sierra Denali HD as a passenger as we travel nearly 6,500 miles across New England towing a 12,000-pound Pursuit S-280. As we trailer the boat to some of New England’s best coastal destinations, The GMC Sierra Denali has been my comfortable office. I know it has power, but for me, it has been about the luxury details. I produce the show from the road. My laptop and my phone are constantly being used and charged. This is not just a truck. The amenities are top of the line. When we arrive in a destination, it is evident that people who understand performance, precision and the latest technology are impressed. We literally experience truck envy. There is a respect that comes with this vehicle.

Recently, GMC approached me with an opportunity to test out other models in the GMC Denali line. I immediately jumped on this opportunity and asked to test drive the Acadia. The Denali line has several size options but I was interested in this crossover vehicle. GMC delivered a brand new Acadia to my doorstep and set up a two-day winter drive event in Stowe, Vermont. It was time for a road trip! With a push of a button, the lift gate went up and I was surprised at how roomy this vehicle was for our luggage. The third row of seats folded flat with ease. Although I am usually the passenger, I was excited to actually be the driver for a change. The drive was comfortable and quiet and the four-and-a-half hour drive couldn’t have been more pleasurable. When I traded back to be a passenger, I was able to access the 4GLTE WiFi hotspot that comes standard.

The next day, we had a winter driving demo that started with a conversation about the features of the vehicle, and then we were encouraged to feel the performance of the truck by snow plowing. I got behind the wheel of the GMC Sierra Denali and plowed for the first time in my life. The power of the vehicle was evident. What a thrill.

After the plowing demonstration, we went off road in the Acadia and learned the techniques of four-wheel drive and down-shifting on steep terrain. The road had deep ruts; extreme snow and ice conditions, and the Acadia handled them with ease. Over the two days of test driving these vehicles, we had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the entire Denali lineup. I was already a fan of the GMC Sierra Denali HD and knew that it was great to have in the summer towing the boat, but this really was the first time I truly appreciated that the GMC Denali line is perfect for all New England driving conditions.

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