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A seasoned Weston broker creates real estate matchmaking magic.

With two decades under her belt working for Coldwell Banker, Denise Mosher has plenty of experience finding clients their dream homes. Coming from an educational and professional background of business and economics, she was originally drawn to the real estate world while searching for inspiration for her own home renovation. What started as a personal project turned out to be a professional path that perfectly aligned with her analytical mindset as well as her creativity and her love for people. “It’s a house business, but it’s also a people business,” says Mosher. “I love using my knowledge and my experience to help make a process go smoother for all buyers and sellers.”

She credits her success to the unique market of Weston, a suburb of Boston with close proximity to the big city. The strong history and rural character of Weston give Mosher a diverse range of properties to offer her clients, from a recently renovated landmark barn to a luxury condo in a 55-and-over community. “I don’t tend to focus on any one segment of the market,” she says. “At the end of the day, the goal is for each of my clients to find the home that works best for their family.”

Mosher’s versatility will be to her advantage in 2024 as she navigates an unusually calm market challenged by fewer available properties. With low inventory and higher interest rates, buyers are being more selective than ever when figuring out their next move. Mosher’s confident, though, that if buyers follow the following tips, they could be ringing in the new year with a new home:

1. Be Prepared
The most important piece of advice Mosher can give is to be prepared when entering the real estate market. Whether this means figuring out your budget or clarifying what exactly you are looking for in a house, it’s important to be ready so that you get an offer in motion as soon as you find your perfect fit. She also recommends getting to know the area where you’re looking to buy. “Get a cup of coffee, meet people, and understand what communities you feel like you fit into,” Mosher says.

2. Communicate
Communication is key in any situation, but especially with real estate. Mosher makes sure she’s constantly in touch with her clients throughout the process to gauge their wants and needs as well as keep an organized list of what houses they like and do not like. She also recommends that buyers get to know what the listing agents and sellers are looking for in terms of closing deals. “Just really work with your realtor to make a strong and compelling offer,” she shares. “That can mean different things in different situations, so it really starts with a lot of communication.”

3. Dream Team
To help your dream home become reality, you’ll need to assemble a dream team to help with the tougher tasks. In addition to finding a strong, experienced agent, lender, and an attorney, Mosher recommends starting your roster with a list of contractors who can help with any potential projects the house might need or advise on development limitations in a particular area. “A good team will help you understand what’s happening with the property and around the property,” Mosher says.


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