Fun is Important in Greenwich, CT

Helen was born on the East Coast, but raised in Los Angeles, California. She’s traveled all over the world and she’s lived in homes around the country. Each piece in her house in Greenwich, Connecticut, has a story to tell about her travels, or her ancestors—even her furniture has been collected and passed down over three generations.

“There’s no way you can put this combination together without your life experience and your ancestors,” says New England Living TV host Parker Kelley. “That’s what is so special about it. It’s absolutely unique to you and your family and your experiences.”

Five years ago, Helen and her husband came to Greenwich to renovate the home on Sycamore Ledge. However, Helen’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband died suddenly. “It was a very hard time,” says Helen. “It took me probably a year to get back to this house.”

When she returned to Greenwich, Helen filled the home with the things she and her husband loved, completing the dream they had imagined together. In front of the house and downstairs, there are signs that echo her husband’s motto: “Fun is important.”

Taking his advice, Helen created space for the activities that bring her joy: a greenhouse for orchids, a craft space for needlepoint and even a room dedicated to cookbooks.

“The road to life is filled with potholes and glitches and you just have to keep on going,” says Helen.
“You have to be happy where you are,” Parker adds.
“Exactly, and if you’re not happy where you are, you need to change it or change your thinking,” says Helen.

Watch the entire show of Episode 9 of Season 1.

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