5 Faves: Shawn Fitzgerald’s North Shore Photos

North Shore

Every so often, we stumble across something so striking we feel the need to share it. Such was the case when we recently saw photographer Shawn Fitzgerald’s stunning photos of Hammond Castle, in Gloucester, and the North Shore coastline on Facebook. We asked Fitzgerald, who lives in Melrose and has been a photographer for seven years, what makes him want to spend a cold March day outside.

“Despite the chill in the air, March is a great time to get outdoors, travel around New England and take pictures! I love the solitude of the late winter and early spring in New England,” he replied.

While we may well opt to hide in our heated home until the temperature manages to be a little more user-friendly, we thank Shawn for venturing out, and for sharing his images.

Gloucester, MA

New England Shoreline

Gloucester, Massachusetts Photography

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