Full Speed Ahead: Spectacular Season on Tap for 2019

When news that Lighthouse Media Solutions, a marketing firm that had once acted as a producer of New England Living TV, was dissolved on December 21st, there was an immediate and understandable concern that the regional lifestyle TV show and its sister magazine would also cease production. This is not the case. New England Living is very much alive and ready to thrive.

Not only will the New England Living brand continue, the custom publication, the television show, which airs on WBZ | CBS Boston, and its partner website “are a strong omni-channel with a bright future in the years ahead” as Sean Clarke, president of Clarke Distribution, puts it.

The New England Living brand, and all of its associated trademarks and copyrights, are, and always have been, owned by Clarke Distribution. The Tide Street Group was created by Clarke Distribution earlier in 2018, in part, to oversee the New England Living brand.

Several episodes of the upcoming season of New England Living TV have already been filmed, and production continues on the remaining episodes. Each half-hour program offers an up-close look at an exquisite New England home and the surrounding town, and an exploration of cooking and entertaining at home. New for the 2019 season is host Anna Rossi (above), the well-known food writer, chef, and NBC Boston contributor.

“Anna is such a dynamic and engaging person,” says Clarke of the show’s new host. “She has strong ties to the region and an unmatched love of food and cooking. Anna is really taking New England Living to the next level; the upcoming season is going to be off the charts,” he says.

With Rossi as the new host, and oversight of the TV show and magazine provided by the Tide Street Group, the New England Living brand will continue to offer consumers a singular opportunity to spend time in the region’s exceptional homes, and explore towns that are the embodiment of the New England lifestyle. It will also continue to provide advertisers with an unparalleled vehicle for reaching homeowners, and B-to-B marketing within the home industry.

“We’d like to offer our apologies for any confusion or concern experienced by our advertising partners that may have been brought about by recent events,” says Clarke.

Any advertisers who may have already signed contracts for the upcoming edition of New England Living Magazine should contact their sales representatives immediately. The Tide Street Group will make every effort to see that all signed contracts are honored.

Please contact Sharon Bartholomew, creative director at the Tide Street Group, with additional questions; S.bartholomew@tidestreetgroup.com, 1-888-242-8083.

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